50TB 5 x 10TB disks Freenas ( NAS ) Storage



This is an ATX tower pc with 5x Seagate 3.5″, 10TB, SATA3, IronWolf Nas Hard Drives. These drives can be configured in FreeNas which is a free operating system designed to make a pc into a NAS (network attached storage). A NAS can be used for network storage of data and also for running software like Plex to trans-code stored videos and audio to the right format for the device (smart tv, mobile, tablet, streaming device, PC)  that is asking for the file. There is a total of 50TB of hard drive storage in this box and when the 5 disks are configured in ZFS file format there is also a level of redundancy should a disk fail hence having 64Gb of ram. There is also a 128Gb M.2 PCIex2 solid state drive for installing the O/S and extras. The base is using a BeQuiet Straight power 11 550W psu due to its 80+ Gold rating to make the machine as efficient as possible being that it will run 24/7/365.




Antec One Gaming Case
Be Quiet! 550W Straight Power 11 PSU, Fully Modular, Fluid Dynamic Fan, SLI/XFire, 80+ Gold
2 x ADATA XPG Z1 Red 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB), DDR4, DIMM Memory
ADATA 128GB XPG SX6000 M.2 SSD, PCIe Gen3x2
Intel Core I3-8100 CPU, 3.6 GHz, Quad Core
5 x Seagate 3.5″, 10TB, SATA3, IronWolf Nas Hard Drive, 7200RPM, 256MB Cache

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