Shop customer pc upgrade

A customer brought in there old Mesh pc which had an Intel i7-920 16Gb Ram and a Samsung 500Gb SSD and Seagate 2TB Hard drive powered by a Corsair AX1200i power supply with a GTX970 Graphics card. His trouble was lines on the screen and random crashing which turned out to be the GTX card at fault. The customer had already bought an EVGA GTX1080 card so that was fitted and the machine worked solidly again. He decided while he was here that it was time to upgrade the old CPU and Board. We choose the Asus TUF Z370-Pro Gaming mainboard with a Intel i7 8700k cpu cooled by a BeQuiet BK010 Shadow Rock Slim Heatsink & Fan, with 32gb Corsair Vengance RGB 2X16GB 2666MHz ram kit, and we would keep the Corsair PSU and Samsung SSD and Seagate hard drive and the new GTX1080 from the old base and fit it all into a BeQuiet Pure Base 600 ATX Gaming case with glass side panel. I have built the machine and run some benchmarks and played a couple of games and its very nice to use and gives great benchmark results on the latest UNIGINE Superposition benchmark and the older Heaven test. This turned out to be a great gaming rig and looks the part and is nice and quiet due to the BeQuiet fans and case.



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