New Gaming build i9 and RTX2080Ti Advanced

We have just completed a new base unit build for a customer wanting the best Flight Sim experience he can get for a sensible budget. I gave him a quote for an i7-9700k with 32gb ram, 512gb NVMe ssd 1 tb disk, and a RTX2080 base and also just to show whats possible a 2nd quote with the spec of i9-9900k, 32gb ram, 512gb NVMe ssd, 1tb disk and RTX2080Ti Advanced. He liked the 2nd quote dispite it being a £1000 more than the budget that was suggested beforehand.

The complete spec of the base is

Riotoro CR488 Gaming Case with Window

Be Quiet! 1000W Power Zone PSU, Fully Modular


Intel Core I9-9900K CPU

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB, DDR4, 2666MHz x 2


Seagate 3.5″, 1TB, SATA3, BarraCuda Hard Drive

Be Quiet! BK013 Shadow Rock 2 Heatsink & Fan

Asus ROG STRIX RTX2080 Ti Advanced, 11GB

Windows 10 64bit

This is the 1st build I have done with an RTX card and only the 3rd i9 9900k cpu.

The performance was great as you would expect and running Cinebench R15 and Unigine Superposition at 1080p Extreme gave great results ( forgot to save the results before machine left the building ) which were very impressive for a stock clocked system. And with the fan config in the case temps were kept lower Max cpu was around 70°C and Max GPU was around 60°C while running the benchmarks and stability test software.

So if you’re a hardened gamer or Multitasker or Video editor and want the best specs no matter the cost this machine really does the job. This build was £2650 Inc. VAT at the time I built it so lots of money but huge gaming and multitasking potential with a long useful life.







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