Intel i9-9900k Base

I have just finished the build and setup of our first i9-9900k based tower for a customer. The customers’ needs are not for gaming but he wants power for multi-tasking and audio production. I used the Asus Tuf series Z390 Gaming WiFi chipset board with 2 x 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX sticks of DDR4, for O/S drive I used the ADATA 256GB XPG SX8200 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD with its fast Read 3500 MB/s Write 1200 MB/s speeds. There is also a 2Tb 3.5” drive for data storage. CPU cooling is provided by the BeQuiet Pure Rock heatsink and fan assembly which is rated for a max TDP of 150W which is more than enough for the 95w rating of the CPU at stock speeds. An Asus 4GB GTX1050Ti STRIX graphics card was added in case of a little gaming or for the Cuda cores help in Adobe Premier. The machine is built into a Riotoro CR480 case with a Riotoro Enigma G2 650W fully modular 80+ Gold psu.

I didn’t get much time to play with this base when I had finished it, one test I run on machines of this type is Cinebench R15 and the results were impressive. The cpu test outperformed the Ryzez 7 1700X which was top by quite an amount. Running Unigine Superpostion in 1080 high setting gave a better than expected result for such a low card min 29FPS and max of 35FPS.

I would say if you’re a hardened Gamer this rig with a 1080/20×0/Ti card would be better than you really need for today’s games and probably for some time into the future.

With it being only around £160 dearer than the i7 9700k rig to build with the same components its worth the money.

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