Customer new pc rebuild

This machine was brought into the shop by the customer for us to look it over and advise if it was built correctly. I found just a few small things which i advised them on how to fix before turning on and recommended giving the cabling a refit to tidy it just for neatness and reliability benefits. They decided to leave the unit with us and have us go over it and setup windows. All the hardware that the customer bought was major brand stuff so this machine was rock solid when i had finished the build. I was however disappointed with the Corsair water cooler, when running benchmark’s on the machine i have seen Higher wattage cpus running cooler with heatsink and fan cooling than this i5 cpu with the all in one unit. I don’t have any before pics but here’s the after pics.

Front panel with addressable led light fans


Inside the chassis after rebuild


On the rear of the Mainboard panel. This is about as tidy as needed for a simple rebuild. Using custom made leads can improve the look massively but that’s lots of time and money. And all this is hidden from sight most of the pc’s life. So not really worth lots of time or money.


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