Cad workstation for Architect firm

Our latest high-end build for a local architect firm has been completed and delivered. The machine was built into a BeQuiet Pure base 600 chassis which still has a 5.25” drive space as this customer likes to have a DVD-RW drive still. The power supply is a Be Quiet! 700W Pure Power 11 which has a 80+ Gold rating. We fitted inside a Asus PRO WS W480-ACE workstation mainboard with an Intel i9-10900KF cpu with the Be Quiet! BK021 Dark Rock 4 Heatsink & Fan assembly for cooling. The ram is 2 x Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4. Storage is an Adata 512GB SX8200 NVMe drive. The graphics card is the PNY Quadro RTX4000 8Gb. This machine is almost silent in operation and plenty powerful enough for the job of 3d cad work. This is the 4th machine of this sort of spec the customer has bought from us the earlier ones being 9th gen i9 or Xeon cpu’s.

If you would like to order this spec machine its here

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