New Mini-ITX 8th Gen i5 build.

We have just completed a fairly basic Mini-ITX build for a customer that just wants a fast machine for general surfing and email duties and storing his digital photo collection. This machine is using the Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX chassis with the included front and rear 120mm fans. I fitted an Asus Strix B360-i Gaming board with the included WiFi with an Intel i5-8600 cpu and replaced the stock cooler with the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro R2 Heatsink & Fan to keep the cpu temps low and the machine nice and quiet. Under the heat sink below the CPU cooler is an ADATA 256GB M.2 SATA solid state drive. The ram is a single ADATA GAMMIX D10, 16GB, DDR4, 2666MHz stick so a second could be fitted to max out the ram capacity of the board. Mounted at the rear of the motherboard mounting panel is a Toshiba 3.5″, 3TB, SATA3, P300 Hard Drive with 7200RPM and 64MB Cache to be used for data storage. This is a nice little build with loads of power while being nice and quiet and also having room to add a dual slot graphics card should the need ever arise. I also like this chassis as it uses a std ATX power supply, so high wattage psu’s could be fitted when needed to build a portable size gaming rig.

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