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Just built an i5 8600K system

We have just built an i5-8600k based system for a customer and I can tell you they are a fast CPU. When running Cinebench R15 to test the cpu performance against other models the new 8th Gen i5 cpu beat the 7th gen I7 7700k. There scores were 1019 for the 8th gen and 976

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Intel’s New 8th Gen CPU’S named.

The new Intel 8th gen cpus have now been released. They need an Intel Z370 chipset mainboard to run which Asus has a good range of so far. The improvements are mainly a higher core count through the range with the i3 cpu’s having 4 cores and no hyper threading, and the i5 cpu’s having

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Custom Case Stickers sets and Custom Cases

Why not treat your pc chassis to a custom printed vinyl sticker set or start with a new chassis like the Antec P100 gaming case ( pictured below) which has a lot of flat solid surface to work with. We have so far made a Star Wars set for one customers NZXT chassis which is

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Custom PC

specialises in high end gaming pc’s and one off custom builds, we can build a PC into any chassis including furniture.

We also supply customer branding by means of vinyl wrapping & hand painted design, which is a great way to show off your company image.

With over 20 years experience in building computers which range from high spec servers and gaming pc’s to everyday workstations we guarantee to provide the highest standard in both product and support.

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